Marrying An Italian Woman: Best Tips For Getting Italian Brides

Italian brides make some of the best foreign girls for marriage. They’re extremely beautiful, fond of arts, focused on family, and deeply devoted to their husbands and families.

Sure, there’s a lot more than that. A lot of foreigners get stunned by their strong character and great attitude to life. Does it help Italian brides in being great wives? Let’s find out!

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What are Italian women for marriage like?

It’s a complex question, and you need to explore both the inner and outer beauty of Italian brides for marriage. They’re not like Belgian or Russian girls for marriage. They’re definitely not like the Spanish ladies either, even though they’re always compared to each other. Italian ladies have their own charm and charisma, and you just can’t resist it.

Physical traits of a typical mail order bride from Italy

Here are some main characteristics of Italian mail order brides. Their physical characteristics differ from region to region:

Italian Mail Order Brides
  • Northern Italians look more similar to their French or even German neighbors: brown or blue eyes, pale skin, mostly chestnut or ashy blonde hair. A blonde + blue eyes combination also applies to some of the northern Italians.
  • In the South, Italians have a more Mediterranean look and resemble Greeks at some point: dark brown hair and eyes, olive or brownish skin (easily tanned).
  • Central Italy is also a bit different: their skin is pale but can easily tan, brown or light brown hair, green on grey eyes—here, Italian brides online somehow look like Spaniards.

Main virtues of Italian brides

Now, let’s get to the main character qualities of charming Italian women for marriage:

  • They’re caring. Nobody could care about the family more than the brides from Italy. They’re not attached to their careers or have a crucial need to achieve huge heights in their lives, hence they devote more time to their husbands and kids.
  • Italian girls for marriage are emotional and passionate. The way Italian brides love is just one of the best feelings in the world. They love with all their might and passion, they know how to please a man and make him feel like a god. Hence, a lot of guys fall for mail order Italian brides and completely lose their minds.
  • They’re great hosts and cooks. Who hasn’t heard about the exquisite Italian cuisine? That’s the national heritage and a huge honor to the local girls. Their home-made pasta, tiramisu, pizza, and salads are just a masterpiece.
Marrying An Italian Woman

How to impress an Italian girl?

As stated in almost all mail order bride dating guide, it states that Italian ladies are loving and caring, but not everyone knows how to make a great first impression and win the heart of a hot and passionate Italian mail order wife. Below, you’ll see some advice on the subject matter.

Send her gifts

Italian girls love being showered with love and gifts. They like jewels, clothes, and all those little accessories. Since Italy is one of the several fashion centers, local girls want to look accordingly. Hence, some nice cosmetics, perfume, or a piece of clothes would be a great gift even for the first date.

Italian women for marriage

Be a gentleman

Italian girls love modest yet lively guys. If you know how to behave in public, look after your girl while going out, and how to always stay classy and cool, you’ll get your Italian mail order bride pretty soon. Show your best behavior and be appropriate, especially when you’re both around your friends or family.

Top tips on marrying an Italian woman

If you happened to meet Italian women and decided to marry one of them, here’s what you need to know to arrange a perfect marriage and wedding for your beloved one:

Your bride will want a huge wedding

Dancing till morning, a lot of guests, tables full of food, lots of fun and music. That’s what a perfect wedding is for any Italian bride. Be sure she’ll bring her whole family, distant relatives, and a whole lot of friends, so it’s going to be big, loud, and really cool.

mail order bride from Italy

Prepare all the legal documents in advance

Of course, this is also an important part of getting married to a foreigner. Make sure all the documents are ready so that you won’t need to worry about anything right before the wedding or honeymoon.

Make a memorable proposal

Italian brides love big moves! At least because they can tell everyone about them and be a little happier. If you want to marry an Italian girl, be sure to make your proposal as great as you can—not just with candles in a restaurant. Think of something unusual and creative, so that your girl wouldn’t even guess your intentions at first. Do it on a hot air balloon, on the beach… Wherever is the most extraordinary!

Meeting and dating any Italian girl for marriage is like a dream: you’ll always be surrounded by love, support, and lively emotions. Isn’t it worth waiting for? Good luck searching for your perfect wife!

Dr Terri Orbuch
Chief Editor
Dr Terri Orbuch is a professional relationship expert who knows how to build strong and meaningful relationship