How Much Does A Mail Order Bride Cost?

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First, the cost of mail order bride has nothing to do with human trafficking, buying souls, or purchasing wives. The word “order” doesn`t imply a strict meaning. Actually, this word is from the previous centuries. It was used to describe the type of contact that helped find a bride overseas, namely placing advertisements in the newspaper. The same is about the word “mail”. Nowadays, they constitute a tribute to traditions rather than an actual purchase.

Mail Order Bride Cost

Dealing with a mail order bride, ordinary means contact with a girl who seeks marriage. Consequently, mail order brides cost is about investing sources in courtship and establishing a close connection.

How much is a mail order bride, particularly spending time with her?

Mail order brides pricing

The sum of sources spent on dating differs dramatically depending on the options a man wants to use. Therefore, the total mail order bride cost can start from 0. Let`s investigate the complete list of budget items to understand the sum more clearly.

Finding love on the Internet

You can find a mail order bride on specific sites, particularly online dating sites. Using them might require paying for particular options.

Access to the site options

Online dating sites don`t ask users to pay for registration and searching, and it`s good news. So you can create a profile and search by necessary filters at any moment. It`ll help to understand whether a particular site has girls you are interested in. Still, some online dating websites might require paying for additional options of searching and access to profiles` full information. The price for that varies depending on the site.


Most online dating sites require purchasing an option of chatting, meaning reading and sending the messages. Sometimes particular websites allow reading inbox for free, but does it help find love if you can`t write your text? Sure not. Dating sites attempt to use the most recent and influential communication trends, so chatting often includes options to send pictures and smiles, downloading a messenger application, etc.

Audio and video calls

Chatting might open human souls, but eye-to-eye contact might do it more quickly and fixedly. That`s why people who have serious intentions use options of audio and video calls in case sites provide them. The price depends on the site and minutes spent. Some websites are ready to offer a translator if the two speak different languages. This option is for an additional price too.

Gifts delivery

Online dating sites might have the option of virtual or real gift delivery. A virtual gift usually means a digital thing, like a beautiful picture with a particular meaning, while a real gift means a girl will get it by a courier. This option needs to be paid for, including prices of a gift itself and delivery services.

Mail order brides pricing

Real meeting

Once you decided to meet a girl from the Internet offline, consider the expenses demanded to settle a fabulous date. What should be paid?

Travel expenses

Mail order bride means a girl that lives not in your country. Hence, there are several ways of meeting: you travel to her country, she travels to your country, you both travel to a random country. Depending on a choice, the sum will differ. Distance and type of transport influence the price too.


It`s a rare case when two have friends in a different country to stay for a few days. Hence, hotels and rented apartments are what you should include in your budget. The price varies depending on the country, type of accommodation, time of staying, etc.


Dating mostly includes visiting a place for food and entertainment, for example, restaurant and cinema. Those spots should be added to the dating budget. Moreover, in case you would like to gift your girl, it requires additional funding as well. It all grounds on your wish and a country`s conditions.

In total, the budget of dating with a mail order bride exclusively depends on your plans and wishes. Establishing contact involves the Internet and real life spending time, and prices for these parts differ. In general, the cost of mail order bride (from texting to meeting and marriage) varies from $2000 to $10,000. Not a hefty price for happiness, right?

Make a reasonable choice and take destiny in your own hands. Love is waiting for you!

Dr Terri Orbuch
Chief Editor
Dr Terri Orbuch is a professional relationship expert who knows how to build strong and meaningful relationship