Are mail order brides a real thing?

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Modern people understand the Internet has erased borders in romantic relationships and many couples find each other online nowadays. There are a lot of dating platforms where men and women from different countries meet each other.

However, scams happen in the world of online dating and men get frustrated when they find out the woman on profile photos has nothing to do with one he talked to. No wonder this negative experience can make them doubt: are mail order brides real? Or is this another way to have fun online? This article was written to explain what foreign brides outstanding in the world of online dating and help you make the right choice of the girl.

What mail order brides should provide to confirm they are real?

Are mail order brides a real thing? Yes, they are. All the girls registered on the trusted MOB websites exist since these platforms force them to provide copies of their IDs or other documents with a photo. It allows comparing whether profile photos belong to the same person who’s depicted on the ID, whether the girl`s location, address, and date of birth coincide with details mentioned in the profile. Any inconsistency in data can lead to profile termination and restricted access to the platform, so you will hardly ever see a profile with fake data.

There’s no 100% guarantee a person on the other side of the screen is definitely the same as you see on the photograph. But there are much higher chances in comparison with sugar babies to avoid scams on the MOB sites and meet a real person for building romantic relationships and communication.

Are mail order brides a real thing

Mail order brides vs sugar babies

The main reason why men doubt whether mail order are brides real is mistaking them for other ladies who spend a lot of time online on interaction with men. Here are two different terms to describe women looking for a match online:

  • Serious women ready for marriage and kids but disappointed with the search of a matching soul in their native state and look for a real partner with serious intentions.
  • Sugar babies, mostly young girls, who communicate with males from other countries for fun, intimacy, or with the goal to get some gifts or material benefits from them.

If you compare these ladies, you can easily make a conclusion who`s more likely to cheat on men and attract them with their model-like figures. Naturally, a true desire to find a partner and to create a family with him will prevent girls from acting unfairly, so mail order brides have much higher chances to provide truthful and realistic profiles.

How to avoid being cheated online?

If you`ve met a mail order bride who makes you shiver at first glance but you still have some doubts if she`s real, there are several ways to check that:

  • Take advantage not only of written messages but also video chats.
  • Think twice if you hear multiple excuses about the inability to answer by video.
  • Ask her same questions she`s already answered in the profile details or earlier and compare the responses.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the profile: the more details it has, the higher percentage there is to meet a real person behind it.
  • Do your own research. You can find her profile on social media or search for similar photographs using special apps.

Why mail order brides services are the right choice?

Now when it`s clear these are real girls who dominate MOB platforms, it`s possible to conclude they make the best partners for modern men. When a woman isn`t afraid to share her personal details on a MOB site with men from different countries, it means that her desire to find a partner for life is tremendous and her main values are family and children. Consequently, there`s no sense to doubt their genuine nature – it`s much more reasonable to join the platform and take the first step towards your soulmate.

Dr Terri Orbuch
Chief Editor
Dr Terri Orbuch is a professional relationship expert who knows how to build strong and meaningful relationship