What Is The Best Way To Approach A Woman Online: 10 Great Ideas

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Have you ever thought that every tenth young person aged between 21 and 34 has tried online dating? Furthermore, the number of people who look for foreign women online is growing incessantly. So it gets more difficult to receive a response from a woman you liked due to tough competition. How to impress a woman online? If you aren`t a pick-up master, consider the following tips, and your rate of successful online dates will grow sky-high.

Best Way To Approach A Woman

Start with quick questions

Brevity is the soul of wit. This is a quote describing how to approach a woman via online dating in the most efficient way. A short but informative message says a lot about the person who has written it. A man admits taking not much woman`s time but asks questions important for her. No wonder they`re a good choice for a start!

Add her name at the top of the message

How often it happens men send the same message to dozens of girls! Ladies are aware of this fact and may ignore messages that sound too general or meaningless. Therefore, address the woman you write to by her name.

Explain what prompted you to write

Every girl appreciates honesty, but not all men are ready to share their failures in romantic relationships. However, when a man confesses being shy to initiate a talk in real life or making compliments face-to-face, any woman will appreciate this effort. It means sharing real reasons why you look for a woman online can be a determinant to pay attention to the message.

Let her know you read her profile

Not only name but also the awareness of women`s profile details impact ladies greatly. The fact that a man devoted time to their identity warms their hearts and makes them melt.

Share your impressions about her

Ladies adore compliments, especially if they`re personal. Avoid general phrases and write only those details in appearance or features that are characteristic of this girl. Such creative ideas always let men collect rewards in love affairs.

how to approach a woman online

Make your messages outstanding

90% of men start their first message with the words “Hi!” or “Hello” as well as express their desire to get acquainted. Why not stand out in the crowd and invent something original? Girls want to be impressed, and such traditional epithets like “beautiful,” “sexy,” “cutie,” and “hot” don`t encourage them to respond to messages. These compliments may be applied to anyone, so she`ll think to be one of the dozens of other girls men write to.

Switch off your arrogance

If only you could know how girls hate cocky guys! Arrogance is one of the worst features for ladies who desire to be in the limelight too. Make your tone milder and use the words that round very sharp edges!

Sound outgoing and positive

Every man should remember his main purpose is to get a response from a woman and establish communication, so he should evoke only positive feelings in written messages. Jokes, compliments, good associations, emojis can contribute to that greatly.

Avoid mistakes

Though ladies like bad guys in real life, they can`t stand seeing mistakes in written messages. Any girl wants to feel safe next to her man, while teaching and raising him are out of her plans.

Use impressive open-up ideas

Are you puzzled about how to approach a woman you meet online? Here are several good open-up ideas to consider:

  • Ask if she`s busy now and suggest communicating.
  • Ask a provocative question of the following type: “will you marry me?”.
  • Tell your profile is empty because you created it for her sake. If she appreciates that and responds, you`ll share a lot about yourself with her.
  • Offer her to have the best date in her life with its description.
  • Write a joke to make her smile, but it should have nothing to do with her personality.

Keep these tips in your mind. Try to be more persistent on your way to another love affair, and you`ll definitely achieve success in this sphere!

Dr Terri Orbuch
Chief Editor
Dr Terri Orbuch is a professional relationship expert who knows how to build strong and meaningful relationship