Facts And Real Statistics On Mail Order Bride Marriage

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They say there are thousands of international couples today. But do the relationships between mail order brides and foreign men really work? And what`s the US mail order bride statistics? What are the facts and what`s fiction? Let`s find out.

Mail order bride statistics

The number of international marriages is growing up dramatically. More and more singles find and marry a partner who lives in a different country, has a different nationality, culture, mentality, etc. Why? One simple reason — online dating. It has become an extremely common, convenient, and easy way for a love search. Only in America, there was about 27 million smartphone dating app users this year.

bride statistics

It all leads to one great result — a big number of intermarriages. Bigger than ever. For example:

  • It`s estimated that every 15th marriage in Ukraine is international.
  • About 5 million (or 7%) of Russian women are dreaming about a foreign husband. About 50,000 marriages in 2020 were international in Russia.
  • In 2019 almost 6,000 South Korean women married a foreigner. It`s about 10% of all marriages in the country.
  • More and more Chinese women register a marriage with a foreigner. As a comparison, over 8,000 women registered intermarriage 30 years ago in China. That figure rose to nearly 40,000 in 2010. Nowadays the share is even higher.
  • Latin women remain one of the most popular wives for American and European men (about 10,000 international marriages every year.)

The general tendency is similar in all counties. Women go online and look for a husband abroad. There are many reasons for that. For example, think of mixed-race children, better education, and social stability. They also admit that Westerners are more romantic and it`s easier to get along with such men.

US mail order bride statistics

American community is becoming more accepting of international marriages. Almost 40% (four in ten adults) say marrying a person of a different nation/race/ethnicity is good for American society. By the way, there are several factors that influence people`s choices. For example:

  • Gender. Men are more likely to believe an increasing number of interracial marriages is a good thing.
  • Education. People with a higher degree (a bachelor and more) like the idea of intentional alliance more than the ones with less education.
  • Age. The younger Americans are, the more they`re for intentional marriages. The elderly believe it either makes no difference or regard it as a bad idea.

But what about the number of newlyweds? How many Americans marry a partner of a different nationality? As a matter of fact, the percentage has been rising dramatically. Five years ago the overall number of such couples was 11 million. It`s three times more if compared to the 1980s period. Today the share is even bigger and by various estimates can be 15-18 million.

Mail Order Bride Marriage

Mail order bride divorce statistics

Divorces happen, nobody is immune. Even celebrities. Ut their divorces are much more expensive usually. Did you know that Elin Nordegren received about 110 million dollars when got divorced with her ex-husband, a golf player — Tiger Woods?

In general, there`s an increase in a worldwide divorce rate. But luckily, the percentage of divorces among mail order brides and their foreign husbands isn`t that big. And you know why? The countries like India, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Egypt, and Brazil are the ones with the lowest divorce rate. And these are also the countries with the biggest number of mail order brides.

It means the more developed the country is, the higher the divorce rate it has. Girls from the counties mentioned above aren`t prone to breaking up and divorces. They take relationships and marriage much more seriously.

So your decision to marry a mail order bride won`t be a mistake. It`s going to be the best adventure full of love and care. Why don`t you go online and find the site with thousands of single beautiful women waiting for you?