What about mail order bride: legal or not?

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It`s great luck if you manage to find a life partner in your city or country, but many people have to move across a lot of borders to meet their matching souls. A desire to help such lonely people led to the appearance of sires that help men and women from distant countries find each other and create families. Such matching assistance is called mail order bride services, and they`re spread all around the world and are very popular nowadays. However, are mail order bride services legal? Have other people the right to assist in building relationships? Every country has its own answer to this question and you`ll be surprised to learn them.

Mail order bride service origin

You may wonder why you should learn a bit of MOB history in this article, but this short paragraph will explain how important these services have been earlier and it has influenced their legitimacy in many countries.

The term `mail order brides` appeared back in the 19th century. Mail order bride phenomenon was created by travelers from European countries who moved to other continents in search of wealth. When they found good places for living, these men wanted to have a wife and a family there. So, they sent letters to churches and newspapers. Then churches and newspapers spread the information about lonely travelers to enable lonely women contact them. Eastern European women responded to such queries sending their photos. At the end women moved to men.

Such an initiative has undergone changes with time and newspapers and churches were replaced with agencies which offered matching services and assistance to people looking for partners charging a small fee. Originally, these agencies had large paper catalogs with women profiles, but the Internet has digitalized this process and made it much more efficient.

Are Mail Order Brides Legal

Modern approach to finding MOB

MOB services have become a customary thing in the modern world. It`s one of the traditional ways to meet a partner in the fast-moving pace of life, so men from developed countries look for beautiful and family-oriented ladies in eastern European and Asian countries. Consequently, foreign dating services are represented in some countries more than in others, so it would be right to find out: is mail order brides services legal in these states?

The importance of international marriages is recognized in many countries and the majority of them don`t prohibit its citizens to leave the country for marriage or bring spouses from other countries. However, there are states that have introduced some limits or adopted restricting laws when it comes to MOB, but their number isn`t big and you can count them on one hand.

Countries where MOB services are legal

Considering MOB services, countries can be conditionally divided into two groups: countries that offer mail order brides and countries where men look for mail order wives. Ukraine, Russia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Colombia, etc. belong to the first group. Men who are tired of emancipation and look for caring and family-oriented women abroad are usually from the US, Canada, Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, etc.

Are mail order brides legal in the USA? The US government made important steps to protect women from other countries who arrived by marrying US citizens. This fact says about the approval of these services. The IMBRA passed in 2005 forces marriage brokers to inform women about the criminal history of the prospective husband, so it helps to prevent violence and other illegal actions towards them.

Such countries as Japan, for example, have even encouraged international marriages due to the lack of women who are ready to live in rural areas. They introduced government-led initiatives offered to women from other countries to marry Japanese men, for this purpose.

Countries where MOB service is illegal

There are countries where MOB services face a number of challenges due to the legislation adopted there:

  • Australia. The Australian Government decided to decrease the irregular immigration to the country having adopted a respective law
  • Belarus. President of Belarus put effort to make the operation of MOB agencies impossible in the country, since they drain the country of women.
  • The Philippines. This country has adopted the Anti Mail-Order Bride Law which prohibits organizing marriages between Filipina women and foreign men. However, it doesn`t influence the process very much – these girls are very popular in other countries, especially the US.
  • Turkmenistan. Foreign men who want to get a Turkmen wife is obliged to pay a $50,000 fee and buy a dwelling in the country and own it for one year.

As you can see, the majority of countries consider mail order bride services legal and it belongs to popular and quicker ways of getting brides abroad. It`s also a popular and quick way of getting wives abroad. Are you ready to find your partner too? Don`t postpone your happy marriage life and register for a mail order bride website right now!

Dr Terri Orbuch
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